Hispanic Heritage Month

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month the Voces Oral History Center and KUT 90.5 Austin have partnered to bring you stories from across the Voces archive.

Features range from WWII to present day. Each day from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 a new person will be featured on the KUT 90.5 airwaves. Tune in each day or visit our website to listen.

Audio Stories

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Listen to 2021

"Little Joe" Hernandez - Musician; Temple, TX
Irma Rangel - State Representative; Corpus Christi, TX
Raoul Cortez - Businessman & media maverick; San Antonio, TX
Lalo Guerrero - Musician; Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Lopez - First female hispanic golfer to compete in the LGPA; CA
Americo Paredes - Author, journalist & folklorist; Brownsville, TX
Emma Tenayuca - Labor organizer; San Antonio, TX
Roy Benavidez - U.S. Master Sargent, Medal of Honor recipient; Cuero, TX
Patrick Flores - Archbishop; San Antonio, TX
Carmen Lomas Garza - Chicana artist; Kingsville, TX
Pete Tijerina - Founder of MALDEF; Laredo/ San Antonio, TX
Jovita Idar - Political activist, journalist; Laredo, TX
Flaco Jimenez - Musician; Austin, TX
Sylvia Mendez - Civil rights activist; CA
George Sanchez - UT professor & key figure in 1930s -1950s Mexican American civil rights; San Antonio, TX
Frank Bonilla - Academic pioneer; NY
Richard Cavazos - First Hispanic four star general; Kingsville, TX
Apolonia Munoz Abarca - Nurse & women's health activist; Mission/Corpus Christi, TX
Gilbert Louis Delgado - Northern New Mexico deaf language pioneer; NM
Willie Velasquez - Founder of Southwest Voter Registration; San Antonio, TX
Raymond Telles - 1st Mexican American mayor of El Paso; El Paso, TX
Olga Custodio - First Latina female pilot; San Antonio, TX
Ventura Alonzo - "Queen of the accordion"; Brownsville, TX
Ruben Salazar - Journalist; El Paso, TX and Los Angeles, CA
Gus Garcia - San Antonio based lawyer who tried the Hernández v. Texas (1954) case; San Antonio, TX
Aida Barrera - Pioneer children's television proeducer; Austin, TX

Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, 2021