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Charlie Ericksen

Charlie Ericksen, interviewed at the Voces Oral History Project office, University of Texas at Austin on February 27, 2010.  

Korean Conflict, Political & Civic Engagement

By Jordan Strassner

Charlie Ericksen spent most of his adult life creating a strong bond with Mexican-Americans, writing news stories and columns about them, and advocating for better treatment for that community.

During his...

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Jim Estrada

Jim Estrada  


By Lindsey Craun

Jim Estrada, a 17-year-old high school dropout, showed up for Air Force technical training in Biloxi, Mississippi.

He was surrounded by college students. But within several weeks, Estrada's intelligence emerged,...

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Graciano Gomez

Graciano Gomez  - Voces Oral History Project  

World War II

By Edwin de la Torre

Experiences change lives forever, and for Graciano Gomez, serving during World War II was the experience he said opened his eyes and mind to a greater picture. After his service he returned with new goals and a...

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Olga Muñoz Rodriguez

Olga Rodriguez - Voces Oral History Project  

Political & Civic Engagement

By the Voces Staff

When the Uvalde High School walkout began in April 1970, Olga Muñoz Rodriquez was a young mother working for the telephone company. While her son was not yet in school, she knew from experience the discrimination...

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