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Charley Gonzales Kidder

Charley Gonzales Kidder - Voces Oral History Project  

World War II

By Natasha Verma

“Two years, 11 months and 21 days,” World War II veteran Charley Gonzales Kidder said with a smile. “That’s exactly how long I served.”

At 18 years of age, Gonzales Kidder was proud and honored that his...

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Felicita Munguia Arriaga

Felicita Munguia Arriaga - Voces Oral History Project  

Political & Civic Engagement

By Hope Teel

In 1959, Felicita Munguia Arriaga was a 12-year-old accompanying her mother to the polls, where the older woman planned to cast her vote for a man named Joe Hubenak.

Very few Hispanics were voting during that time...

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Modesto Arriaga

Modesto Arriaga - Voces Oral History Project  

Political & Civic Engagement

By Faith Daniel

Modesto Arriaga was playing baseball with his church team, the Rosenberg Lions, when a police car pulled up and asked for one of his teammates to go with them. Later, the other boys would learn that the ballplayer’s...

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Iris Galvan

Iris Galvan - Voces Oral History Project  

Political & Civic Engagement

By Rebecca Chavoya

An old Hispanic man pushed a tamale cart down the streets of Rosenberg, Texas, in 1974. Iris Galvan, 18-year-old high school student and member of Juventud Unida, approached him with a warm, welcoming demeanor....

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