Fernando Jimenez

Fernando Jimenez

Date of Birth: 
December 27, 1975

Place of Birth: 
Valle de Bravo

Interviewed By: 
Vincent Peña

Date of Interview: 
June 6, 2020

Place of Interview: 


By: Voces Staff

Fernando Jimenez was born in Valle de Bravo, Mexico and found himself in the United States at 27-years-old in pursuit of the “American Dream.” Since his first day in the US work has been his main priority. Jimenez currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his family, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in new financial, social, and health concerns for Jimenez but as well as for his family that still resides in Valle de Bravo. However, for Jimenez himself work as a contractor/painter has not slowed down during a time of social distancing and quarantine – it has only increased.