Voces of a Pandemic

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Exploring the Stories of the Latina/o Community Affected by the Coronavirus

You’ve seen the headlines:

Latino communities in the US devastated by Covid-19

For Latinos and Covid-19, Doctors Are Seeing an ‘Alarming’ Disparity

The price of being ‘essential’: Latino service workers bear brunt of coronavirus

From being overrepresented in essential jobs, to underrepresented among those with access to healthcare, to the undocumented living in fear, the global coronavirus pandemic has affected Latinas/os disproportionately. 

As this crisis unfolds, the Voces Oral History Center is leading a team of collaborators including institutions of higher education across the country, to record, archive and disseminate interviews to help researchers, journalists and the broader public gain a greater appreciation of the experiences in the Latino community during this historic time.


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