Our Team

Voces Leadership

(left to right: Charles Ramirez Berg, Eli Reed, Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, & Robert Quigley)


Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, founder and director

Rivas-Rodriguez is a former professional journalist and is a professor at the Moody College of Communication’s School of Journalism. She founded the Voces project in 1999 and teaches oral history as journalism and other classes.

Charles Ramirez Berg, Associate Director

Charles is the author of 'Latino Images in Film: Stereotypes, Subversion, and Resistance'. In addition, he has written many articles and book chapters on Latinos in U.S. films, film history and Mexican cinema.

Eli Reed, Associate Director, Photography

Eli is an Award-winning Magnum Photographer who has worked with Voces since 2015.

Robert Quigley, Associate Director, Social Media

Robert is the Innovation Director for the Dallas Morning News Innovation Endowment.