Hector Santa Anna

By Scott Allison

Say the name "Santa Anna" to most American military historians -- and just about any Texan -- and it's linked to the Mexican general who opposed the Texas Revolution and conquered the Alamo.

So it’s somewhat ironic that Hector Santa Anna, the great-great nephew of the Mexican general, enlisted in the Army during World War II, flew 35 missions as a B-17 bomber pilot over Europe, later taught hundreds of pilots how to fly and eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel during a 22-year military career.

Jose Angel Ramirez

By Sam Wolloch

Jose Ramirez has always been a hard-working man, dating back to his first job selling newspapers in McAllen, Texas. Making 2 cents for every newspaper he sold, he proudly bought a 12-cent cream pitcher for his mother and 2-cent candy for himself after his first day of work.

He was only eight years of age, but he already knew how to give back to those that cared for him.

Ramirez was the third of eight children in his family, which has been in Texas since 1700s. When not in school, he was working to ease the financial burden on his parents.