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The Voces Oral History Center has accomplished much since it recorded its first interviews in spring 1999: 

  • Interviews: Recorded over 1,500 oral history interviews 
  • Photos: Scanned or photographed over 25,000 images of interview subjects and events  
  • Books: Published five books 
  • Journals: Established a peer-reviewed annual journal 
  • Educational materials: Created teacher guides about the Latino/a WWII experience 

The interviews are important to the interview subjects and their loved ones. But the importance of Voces extends far beyond the personal. These interviews are the building blocks for books, journal articles, short documentaries and news stories. Photos are used in documentary films, exhibits, publications – even virtual reality art installations . They are used to put a face on the Latino/o experience. 

If you believe the Latino/a perspective must be woven into the US historical narrative, you support Voces’ mission: To create a greater awareness of the Latino/a experience in the US.  

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